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Botanica Blackwellia

In which Anna and Judith travel back to the degenerate world of Eighteenth-century London. Expect, user-focused content and design, a performance in rhyming verse and a little gin. When Elizabeth...

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In which Anna and Judith uncover a publishing innovation that promised to spark a revolution – but didn’t. Expect the spectre of automation, invisible women, union disputes, rock-star pianists...

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The Sign of the Penguins

In which Anna and Judith travel to Antarctica to embark on the greatest possible adventure: publishing a book! Expect cold, dark and dismal weather, the printing press from hell...

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Trailer 01: The pianotype

The pianotype was an elegant Victorian machine, which promised to revolutionise typography and literature. But why has no-one heard of it?    LINKSYou can view the 1842 edition of...

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